To all you Baltimore visionaries out there

When: This Saturday from 6p.m. to Midnight!

What: Afterparty

The wonderful people at the AVAM are holding a ball to go with the theme of their newest exhibit Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The tickets are $50 to outsiders and $40 to members.

According to this gala event will honor Julian Bond and Pam Horowitz for their life’s work fighting for our unalienable rights!

Guests are instructed to wear patriotic colors and patterns. There will be food, music–and some dancing.

If you aren’t much of a dancer/ you are broke, I suggest you still check out the exhibit but during normal operating hours. Check for info.


About Katie K.

Katie K is an aspiring something or other from Baltimore. She loves film & music. contact:
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2 Responses to To all you Baltimore visionaries out there

  1. Visit Baltimore says:

    I’m with Visit Baltimore, and we just did a video with Rebecca Hoffberger from the AVAM. In the video she tells us about some of the artists that have features in the museum and shows us some of the artwork. Check it out at

  2. katie k. says:

    that was really cool, thank you for sharing! I haven’t been to the AVAMs most recent exhibition.. I need to get over there.

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