For a unique experience check out “Horror Vacui” at Nudashank

"Untitled (Phantom Zone 01)"  by Harrison Haynes

"Untitled (Phantom Zone 01)" by Harrison Haynes

        On Friday, April 16, Nudashank will hold an opening reception for a new exhibition called “Horror Vacui.”  The exhibit will be part of the Transmodern festival (April 16-18) , but it will be free to the public from 6-8:30 p.m. Admission to the rest of the H&H arts building or Nudashank during festival hours will cost $10.

Gallery  co-owner/creator, Seth Adelsberger describes the show as ” a theatrical multi- media installation of work from five artists that collectively references futurism and horror.”

“Horror Vacui” will show digital prints from Laura Brothers, large scale photography from Harrison Haynes, haunting video projections from Charles Broskoski & Benjamin Phelan,   and paintings that combine optical fields with portraiture from Dan Gluibizzi.

"Ancient Night" by Dan Gluibizzi

 “People should see this show because all of the artists are from out of state, so it is unlikely that our audience will have seen any of the work before.  This show expands on what people have come to expect from Nudashank and promises to go ‘over the top’ with how the work is installed,” Adelsberger said.

The exhibit will run until May 7. Check it out!


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