MFFestival hopping

You should do yourself a favor and check out the Maryland Film Festival. There are plenty of interesting movies in Sunday’s lineup. Don’t forget students get a 2 dollar discount!

Friday night: I went to see Putty Hill at 10 p.m for the first time with a sold out audience. Despite the fact that I’ve seen the film a few times, it was definitely a new/exciting experience watching  it with an audience. The Q & A session was extremely interesting, the cast and crew had the audience cracking up. I didn’t hear any negative feedback. It was really exciting to hear  all of the praise from the crowd, since I’ve been a fan of the movie since I watched it. If you missed out Friday you should check it out on Sunday at 4:30p.m at The Charles.

Saturday: I was doing a school project in Ellicott City and booked it over to the festival to catch Lena Dunham’s Tiny Furniture at 2 p.m in MICA’s Brown Center. This was the second showing of the film, but it still drew a pretty large crowd. It had some really awesome moments (in particular a fight scene with a wooden spoon) but I really liked the whole film. The look of it, the performances and the writing were really strong. Overall, it was REALLY funny.  The crowd was pretty mixed as far as age range, but it seemed like everyone enjoyed it. The Q & A went well, again no one had any criticisms.

Here is a short clip from the Q&A.

And here is director,writer, actress Lena Dunham on playing the Maryland Film Festival.

Sunday is the last day of the festival.  I’m looking forward to  Gabi on the Roof in July. What are you planning to see?


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