The Maryland Film Festival …was kind of a big deal

In view: The Charles

Seriously. There were people everywhere and there was this amazing energy outside of The Charles each day. My only beef was that I had too much to do for school, so I only got to see a movie a day. To update my last post, on Sunday, I saw Gabi on the Roof in July, which I really liked.


 The audience definitely liked the film as well, one guy in particular really liked Sophia Takal who played Gabi and produced/edited the film. The Q & A went well, there was an interesting conversation about whether or not the characters were likeable.

I actually really liked all of the characters because they were real people, they all had flaws and that’s what I want to see in a movie. Think about how your friends or family would read as characters in a movie… they’d probably all be “unlikeable” because they don’t have their shit together, they are selfish, they are trying too hard…  etc

I thought the film had a good mix of comedy and drama. The acting was particularly good. Dirctor Lawerence Michael Levine, who played Sam had a lot of really funny moments. The dialogue was created through improvisions during rehearsals with the actors, which I found interesting.

Producter/actress Sophie Takal said that they are still deciding what’s next for the film as far as distribution goes, and they are finding all of the options a bit overwhelming. I think it’d be cool if they worked with IFC, I think that would be a good fit for the film.


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