Cold War Kids brought it!

I went to Artscape Saturday, July 17, mainly to see Cold War Kids, but beforehand I walked around to take in what the “biggest free arts festival in America” had to offer.

I saw some entertaining street performances and a bubble fight? I took a video but it’s not very good so I’ll spare you, but they were playing the song “Dancing in the Streets.”

When I was on the bridge looking at the booths I got squirt in the eye, or shall I say contact..thanks for that..contacts aren’t supposed to get wet with water, friend. But it’s all in fun and he didn’t know(..but seriously why shoot anyone in the face?)


They played: I’ve Seen Enough, Mexican Dogs, Audience, and then Red Wine Success which was delayed a bit because a man passed out. Luckily he was ok and quickly regained consciousness. Lesson for the kids: I’m not going to speculate that he was on drugs/drunk…but a lot of the crowd was in an altered state and that mix with heat is never a  good idea.

Next they played Tell Me in the Morning, Coffee Spoon, Dreams Old Men Dream,Hang Me Up to Dry, Hospital Beds and ended with We Used to Vacation.


About Katie K.

Katie K is an aspiring something or other from Baltimore. She loves film & music. contact:
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