Review: Performance Variety Show @ The Copycat Theatre

Last night, October 30 the lovely people at the Copycat Theater put on a performance art variety show. Describing the show is hard so I’ll use the facebook event description to paint the picture: “Transformable Stories , Ventriloquism, Silk Trapeze, Evil iPods, Dance, Rap, Words, Music, Murder, Chile, Ke$ha, Beiber, Bands, Cyrus and Forceful Expulsions From the Stomach.”

There were performances by The Baltimore Experimental Dance Collective,  Alexander D’agostino, Katherine Ralston, Theresa Columbus, Hoesy Corona & Mary Alessi, Monica Mirabile & Caroline Marcantoni, Mystery Band, La Malicia Pajarita, Person & Carrie, Jackie Wang, BRAINDANCE and Pilar Diaz.

Several of the performances used popular music in really fun ways but with greater purpose. (The musical stylings of both Justin Bieber and Ke$ha were actually featured.)

Baltimore Experimental Dance Collective (picture credit FB)

I’m definitely down to attend more events at Copycat. I don’t want to pick favorites but I hope some of the performances  make their way to YouTube (even though that probably goes against the whole craft..doesn’t it?)

If you didn’t go, you should have and if you went you probably liked it.


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Katie K is an aspiring something or other from Baltimore. She loves film & music. contact:
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