Wham City presents a comedy tour

Baltimore’s art collective, Wham City, will be performing a hometown show  in the form of comedy on November 11.

The tour hosts performances by Adam Endres, Alan Resnick, April Camlin, Ben O’Brien, Connor Kizer, Dan Deacon, Dina Kelberman, Ed Schrader, Mason Ross, Pete O’Connell and Robby Rackleff.

The show will be held at the Bell Foundry at 1539 N. Calvert Street.

Tickets will be $5 at the door.

According to Ben O’Brien of Wham City the show is comprised of 18-21 different acts including short plays, skits, video and stand up comedy.

“Expect a lot of different styles from slapstick to conceptual to disgusting. About 50 percent of the show is new never-before-seen. It’s a great deal, 5 dollars for 20 different acts, and this is something that doesn’t happen every weekend, so that’s exciting. And who knows, maybe it’ll actually be funny,” O’Brien said.

When asked who the show would appeal to O’Brien said:

” I like to believe that anyone with a good sense of humor, and a couple of bucks, who doesn’t mind being in a dingy basement for a few hours would enjoy the show, but who knows? Personally, I only want the people who will laugh loudly at all my jokes to come and sit right in the front row. JKJKJKJKJK! No but seriously.”

Hey, he already sounds funny to me. For more information check this out.


About Katie K.

Katie K is an aspiring something or other from Baltimore. She loves film & music. contact: Katie.Killon@gmail.com
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