Review: Darb TV

On Sunday, Nov 14, I saw the closing performance of Darb TV at Current Space. The interactive play was a satirical children’s tv show about incest and sexual abuse.

The audience filled out a slip of paper which had the question “what is the worst thing that someone has done to you?” as well as a pre show survey which was incorporated into the show. The papers were redistributed to the crowd with numbers on them and as the numbers were called audience members took the stage to read the responses that anonymous members of the crowd had written. After reading the slip of paper each audience member was given an egg to smash on a wall.

The audiences responses were sometimes funny but more often sad. In fact before the show a social worker gave a talk about what people could do if the performance was overwhelming them, there was a “safe place” in the back of Current Space for people to take a break, snack and/or color.

All of the performers played the mood well straddling between serious and comediac tones. 

I really enjoyed the show and I know that the audience did as well because I have ears and people were talking.

There were three performances of Darb Tv Friday the 12 through Sunday the 14 at 8 p.m.


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2 Responses to Review: Darb TV

  1. tori says:

    hey, just checked you blog out because twitter said you were “like me” and I just really wanted to find out what that meant. but great blog! wish i was in the baltimore area to check out all the things you blog on (i guess that’s our similarity, we both are kind of in the fields of art/music…) nice internet meeting you, twit-a-like!

  2. Katie K. says:

    Thank you and thanks for checking my blog out! Where are you from?

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