Check out readings of “Fools Call it Fate”

Jessica McHugh’s new full length play, “Fools Call it Fate,” debuted with a reading at the Mobtown Theater on December 10. Additional shows include: December 17 @ 8p.m and December 18 @ 8p.m.

The play features six characters who “find themselves entwined in each other’s lives, sharing each other’s secrets, and enacting each other’s darkest fantasies of revenge.”

Tickets are $10 and guests are encouraged to come to multiple readings. Also, there is free wine for all you winos!

Here is a Q&A with playwright Jessica McHugh:

1) How would you describe “Fools Call it Fate?”

It’s a dark comedy about power, control, and what happens when six people realize how little they have of either. The only one who seems to have any is a mysterious character named No One who twists their lives together.

2) What influences your writing?

I’m a huge fan of speculative fiction, in literature and film, but I like so many different styles and facets of that genre that I can’t ever focus on just one. My novels and other works are usually speculative but really different from one another. I love writing dark, blood-spattered fiction like “From the Herald’s Wearied Eye” just as much as I love writing epic high-fantasy like my “Tales of Dominhydor” series. And of course, a little bit of my life seeps into my writing every once in a while. I readily admit that I have jokes for myself and my friends hidden in everything I’ve written.

3) What can people expect who come to the event?

They can probably expect to be scratching their heads a bit at the end, which was my intention. I love stories that allow the audience/reader to drawn several different conclusions. They can also expect to laugh…then feel sorta bad about laughing five minutes later when the scene turns serious…then laugh again.

4) How did this past weekends readings go? Do you think “Fools’ ” was well received?

I think it went really well. The actors have been so amazing and they’re only getting better. It’s been a fantastic experience having “Fools call it Fate” brought to life, and to hear such a positive reaction from the audience is like nothing I ever imagined. We had some really great audiences, and they were really helpful in the talkback sessions. I’ve changed a few things here and there and I know that the last weekend is going to be sensational.

5) What type of audience do you think your play appeals to?

Anyone who digs a little weird with their world view.

6) Any additional comments?

If anyone is interested in more of my works, my website has excerpts from all of my published novels and information about future projects.


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