Help Kickstart the Copy Cat Theatre’s “Rooms Play”

This year the Copy Cat Theatre is embarking on a project called “The Rooms Play,” and they need your help to make it happen.

The project has its own fundraising page on Kickstarter, which includes a break down of  its estimated cost.

The artists of CopyCat (Hoesy Corona, Pilar Diaz, Monica Mirabile, Sam Shea and Person Ablach) plan to have twenty two interactive rooms each directed by 2-5 local artists.

According to Sam Shea, a Copycat co-runner the theme of the play will be immigration.

“Each space functions like a scene of a play, and the audience members are integral to the scene’s unfolding. Thus, it is a giant collaborative project in Baltimore City,” Sam Shea said.

“Rooms Play” will be part of this years Transmodern Festival in Baltimore City, which is planned for in late April.

Again to donate visit the Copycat’s Kickstarter page.



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