Transmodern Festival Artist Profile: Kirsten Stoltmann

Kirsten Stoltmann is an artist originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Stoltmann is a mixed media/video artist and will be showing work at m.a.p. space, 218 saratoga street during the Transmodern Festival April 28- May 1, 2011.

1) What are you interested in exploring in your art? What inspires you?

Being human and all the messed up shit and beauty that it entails. Human nature and being honest, I don’t think a lot of art is honest about it’s intentions anymore, but that is just my opinion.

2) Do you think it’s important to have a message?

If it is sincere and honest and from what you know and experience first hand.

3) How would you describe the LA art scene?

Boring. There is no sense of community here what so ever. Very isolating and everybody is pretty much just concerned with themselves and their success and obtaining a very comfortable lifestyle. I’m not saying the comfortable lifestyle is bad though.

4) What are your favorite cities to exhibit your work?

New York, I like seeing my friends there and walking everywhere. I also enjoy seeing some really good art as well.

5) Do you find similar responses to your work?

New York is pretty with it when it comes to my work as well as the Midwest but not so much in LA. LA doesn’t really embrace failure or understand it, if the work doesn’t claim to be anything bigger then what it actually is (failure) then they feel the work is failed which makes people feel uncomfortable. New York and especially the Midwest where self deprecating humor was born and bred see the humor in it. New York has been very kind to me.

6) What can you tell me about the work you are showing in Baltimore?

It will be a video about living in the suburbs of LA, it’s self deprecating, honest and funny.


About Katie K.

Katie K is an aspiring something or other from Baltimore. She loves film & music. contact:
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