The Stoop presents “Culture Shock,” 4/25

On Monday, April 25, The Stoop Storytelling series will be presenting seven stories based on culture shock. The stories will be about “confronting the new, strange and often scary.”

The event will be held at Centerstage and (UPDATE) is now sold out.

Here is my Q&A with Jessica Henkin, producer and co-host of The Stoop. 

For someone who doesn’t know, what is the Stoop Storying Telling Series?

The Stoop Storytelling Series is an event wherein seven people tell seven-minute true, personal stories on a theme. No notes, no scripts, no actors–just true stories, artfully told.

Why do you think people should attend?

What’s great about The Stoop is that each show is completely different. The format remains the same, but the content changes with each theme. Because the stories are true, the audience can really connect with each storyteller. It makes for a very refreshing and entertaining experience.

Do you notice any similarities in the people who tell stories?

A large part of The Stoop’s mission is that everyone has a story, so we tend not to see similarities in the storytellers, which is why so many different people can relate to each show.

What can people expect?

Because each story is told from an honest, personal perspective, people can expect to laugh, usually, or be very touched emotionally.

Tell me how you choose this particular topic of culture shock? How do you choose each topic?

Laura and I have had an ongoing list of themes since we sat down together in 2006 to talk about how to bring The Stoop to Baltimore. Since that time, we’ve checked off most of the theme ideas. We are also very open to suggestions! 

How are the storytellers chosen?

Word of mouth, email, facebook, friend of a friend, pounding the pavement. We’ve started running storytelling workshops intermittently at both the Creative Alliance and The Waldorf School and we’ve found some great people through those. We’ve used all kinds of tactics, really, to find storytellers.

Who would you encourage to tell their story?

Anyone and everyone. Honestly!

What makes for a good story?

Honesty, specific details and a willingness to laugh at yourself

How would you describe the audience?

We have to kindest, most supportive audience in Baltimore! Many of the audience members are former Stoop storytellers themselves, so they are extra-empathetic!


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3 Responses to The Stoop presents “Culture Shock,” 4/25

  1. The Stoop for Monday, 4/26 is already sold out. These things always sell out. Anyone interested should get tickets well in advance.

  2. Katie K. says:

    it’s on the 25th according to the site. The 26th is a Tuesday.

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