The Transmodern Festival: The Basics

This weekend the 8th annual Transmodern Festival hits Baltimore, kicking off on Thursday, April 28 and running through Sunday, May 1. Last year was the first year that I attended and it’s nuts! If you are a fan of creation and art I think you should check it out. Tickets are $12 per night or you can get a 3 day pass for $30.

Here is a collaborative Q&A with some of it’s very busy organizers. Stephanie Barber, Rebecca Nagle, Laure Drogoul and Valeska Populoh.

Bmorecultured: How would you describe The Transmodern Festival to someone who has never been? What forms of art are represented?

Valeska Populoh: The festival celebrates performance and the performative, including video, installation and art making that transcends a particular genre. There are interactive and immersive environments and experiences, campgrounds and video game dance performances, performative lectures and guided migrations through imagined worlds, radiating installations, peopled storefronts, and enveloping sound rooms. Transmodern seeks to be inclusive and welcoming, and hopes to invite visitors into a shimmering experience of this city’s creative energies. VP

Bmorecultured: What is different about this year’s festival than past year’s? Is
there anything that you are particularly excited about?

Rebecca Nagle: This year I think we are exploding our programming and pouring out onto the street. We are taking over a three block radius with our three indoor venues (MAP, current and the h&H), plus 8 murals, roaming performances, installations, parades and more. We are challenging the viewer to do more than be a passive spectator, but to navigate and interact with the terrain we are creating. People will move through the events, installations, interactive theatre works. People will move through our creative topography to find themselves and our city.

BmoreCultured: Who do you think would enjoy the festival/who is encouraged to come?

Stephanie Barber: Artists, children, plumbers, mothers, teachers, hair stylists, bankers, musicians, mimes, most religious sects and those with senses.

Bmorecultured: What challenges have you faced in planning?

Laure Drogoul: The task of working with so many artists and venues on a shoestring has been daunting and exhilarating!

We wanted to make what is invisible in Baltimore more visible for everyone to see. There are hundreds of artists at work all the time in this city and we wanted to make that experience palpable and experiential. It has proved to be a very tricky endeavor and I think all of us(including the organizers and artists) are looking forward to see what we have collectively created.

BmoreCultured: How can people get involved?

Stephanie Barber: here is a link to the contact page of our website which has information on how to be part of the festival as either a performer or a volunteer.

BmoreCultured: What do you hope people gain from attending the Transmodern Festival? Why should they come?

Laure Drogoul: To see what is going on in Charm City. People should visit the festival to experience and participate in a kaleidoscopic cultural tableau/quilt of what is happening in Baltimore every day.


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