Visit “Temporary Home” @ Guest Spot’s opening night

Come out tonight, June 3, for new art space, Guest Spot’s opening exhibition, “Temporary Home.” Guest Spot is on 1826 Fleet Street and the event is being held from to 10 p.m.

“Temporary Home” was curated by Carl Gunhouse. Rod Malin is the director of the gallery, here is my interview with Malin.

What can people expect from your exhibition, “Temporary Home?”

Temporary Home is an unique exhibition that address the transitory nature of current events. The exhibition will be a reflection of the American Landscape as seen through Artists eyes.

Guest Spot is a new gallery, could you describe the space?

Guest Spot is an independent art space that exhibits contemporary artists within a progressive curatorial framework. Guest Spot’s focus is to create a new curatorial program that addresses current ideas of exhibiting art through rehabilitation of spatial contexts. The core programmatic theme is a re-appropriation of rigid societal norms of space utilization to more thoroughly examine the concept of the ”American Home”. Its program will include artists whose works deals with concepts relating to impermanence, ephemerality, and liminality.

Are the artists showing local? (if not) Where are they from?

Christine Rogers lives and works in Nashville Tn. John Lehr is originally from Baltimore and lives in Brooklyn. Jason Hughes is from Baltimore, works in both Baltimore and LA. Becky Alpine is from DC and lives Chicago.

Why should people attend the opening?

Guest Spot’s curatorial program addresses the disconnection between similar communities and features exhibitions that provides the resources necessary to simultaneously discover and explore common principles . The opening will be an celebratory evening where the general public can meet the artists and share in such a unique experience. Refreshments will be available and participating Artists and Curators will be present to answer general questions and comments.

Anything else?

Guest Spot is excited about the upcoming Year and looks forward to share and engage with the Baltimore community.


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