Naming names. Wham City Comedy Night, 5/31

Wham City’s comedy night took place at the Zodiac on Tuesday, May 31. I arrived with my posse of “Holubs.” (People who are somehow related to the could be/should be family band.)   We showed up rather late and there was no one there. But have no fear the art crowd runs late and of course every seat was filled and there was no air conditioning! and it was hot! I’m not complaining..I’m painting the picture.  So on with the performances. The night was hosted by Ben O’Brien and Mason Ross who have a great rapport. They touch each other a lot!

The show featured performances by Maggie Burke, Milana Braslavsky, Rebecca Chambers, Dan Deacon, Brad Deason, Robert Michael O’Brien, Virginia Warwick and Jared Fischer (duo,) Lexie Mountain and Ed Schrader.

At times there was awkward (but oddly loving) silence. Most of the time people were laughing pretty hard and during some bits my face was stinging from laughing so hard.

Highlightssss: Basically anytime Ed Schrader was singing. Dan Deacon’s unconventional routine entitled “Janice’s Legs.” When Robert Michael O’Brien couldn’t tell his joke because he was hysterically laughing at said joke. Lexie Mountain sharing her middle school pain and Milana Braslavsky’s tweets.

So I’m writing this to recommend that you attend the next comedy night, as this is supposed to be a monthly thing… and I am also suggesting that you take a stab at comedy. Email if you are interested.


About Katie K.

Katie K is an aspiring something or other from Baltimore. She loves film & music. contact:
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