BMORECULTURED: Q&A with MFF selection “Sun Don’t Shine” director, Amy Seimetz

“Sun Don’t Shine” is a a film set in Florida about a couple who are doing “very bad things.” The film was directed by Amy Seimetz, here is my interview with her. 

1) In the past couple of years you’ve acted in a lot of films that have played the Maryland Film Festival. This time you are directing. How did it feel to direct after being directed so much?

It’s all storytelling to me. I started out directing and writing and fell into acting– I was very resistant to the acting mess, but I love performing– it’s physical and emotional storytelling, it’s like writing with your face. I knew everyone in the cast and crew, so there was a shorthand in communication, because we had already been on other sets talking aesthetics, ideas, tone etc etc… I brought a group of people together that are all in their own ways excellent writers. Makes directing easier when you don’t have to explain shot to shot why you are making certain decisions.

2) Your film “Sun Don’t Shine” is about “two people doing bad things.” What do you think drew you to explore a darker themed movie?

I think it’s a soup of reasons:

“Sun Don’t Shine” is based on a reoccurring nightmare. I love stories about women who don’t know how to be “good women”. I had a year of dealing with death and dying. I grew up in Florida where the crimes are as wild as the swamps. Florida, in addition to it’s beautiful beaches, is extremely violent– I’m sure it’s the heat. The heat makes you crazy.

3) Kentucker Audley and Kate Lyn Shiel both acted in films that were part of last years film festival. What was the casting process for you/Why did you choose them?

I’ve worked with everyone I cast before, so there was not really a casting process. I wrote the parts specifically for them. Kate has the ability to deliver controlled and understated performances, but in a split second explode into a fireball of emotion. Kentucker is charming and focused and has a brilliant off beat sense of humor. Together they reminded me of a couple that would only make sense in high school.

4) Why do you think people should come out to the screenings of “Sun Don’t Shine,” this weekend? Who do you think it will appeal to?

I think Kate and Kentucker delivered two of the most explosive yet complex performances that I have seen this year (if not since the 70’s). It’s got crime, high stakes, love and all those other key words, but it’s also an extremely intimate portrait of two lovers on the run.

“Sun Don’t Shine” plays:

May 4 @ 5:00 PM  at Charles Theater 2 & May 5 @ 7:30 at Charles Theater 4


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