I started the day off with the Dramatic Shorts. Between these shorts and the opening night shorts I realized that I have developed an interest in short filmmaking! (Again, you care!) It’s amazing what you can say and show in a matter of minutes. There were six shorts in the dramatic section. One thing that I noticed was that there were some really great performance by young people in the dramatic shorts: “The Christmas Tree,” “Spark” and “First Match.”

The next film I saw was Kid-Thing. The director David Zellner has such a strong aesthetic, I feel like even if you didn’t like the film you’d have to appreciate it. He follows a destructive child who steals, breaks things, makes prank phone calls etc etc she’s in need of some direction. The scenes of destruction were beautifully shot, and sometimes funny. It was an interesting watch. I was impressed by Sydney Aguirre’s performance so it was cool to see her at the Q&A.

Next was “Sun Don’t Shine.” I had already seen actors Kentucker Audley and Kate Lyn Sheil in films at last years fest, so I went into the film a fan of both of their performances and they didn’t disappoint. Director Amy Seimetz managed to make a film about a recurring nightmare, while possibly cathartic for her it was crazy to watch. I enjoyed the look of the film and the complexity of the performances. Audley and Sheil did a good job at balancing one another– at times explosive and other times understated they were an interesting team.

The last film I saw on Saturday was “Jeff.” It ended up being the best experience overall as far as the film and Q&A session went. I was completely impressed with the way Chris James Thompson made a hybrid of narrative and documentary. The short scenes of actor, Andrew Swant playing Jeffrey Dahmer worked so well between the really honest and extensive interviews with the interrogator, a neighbor and the medical examiner who were all involved in the life and conviction of Jeffrey Dahmer. Patrick Kennedy, the interrogator was on-hand for the Q&A along with director Chris James Thompson. I’ve been kind of talking everyone’s ear off about the Q&A because it was so interesting, but then so was the film. Thompson got amazing interviews out of his subjects and he managed to make a really respectful film about a serial killer who did really unthinkable things.

In personal news: after “Jeff” I headed to Club Charles for a drink and realized that I had lost my license at some point in the weekend. If you found my license please cut it in half. I got a new one and I don’t want people to use my license to smuggle kidnapped girls across foreign borders to sell them into sexual slavery.. BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU LOSE YOUR LICENSE.

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