Event Review: The Stoop Storytelling Series

As a recent college graduate, you can already accurately assume two things about me: I am unemployed and I am broke. But, if there is one thing I am willing to splurge on (meaning spending more than five bucks) it is great, fun entertainment. I spent $20 to sit in on Postcards from The Stoop: A Live Radio Show about cross-country jaunts, Chevy Chase-style family vacations, and two weeks in paradise (or hell!) –and it was well worth it.

I met up with friend Katie Killon (you know, the chick that writes this blog) at Centerstage and after paying for admission, we entered the auditorium only to see a group of Hawaiian t-shirt-topped, funky-cool musicians rocking on stage. In honor of The Stoop’s theme, the Baltimore-based band, the Egg Babies Orchestra, played some of the greatest vacation songs (“Vacation” by the Go-Go’s is my all-time favorite).

After a couple of tunes, the lights went out. A signal reading ‘ON AIR’, hanging from the catwalk of the stage, suddenly lit up. The stage decorated with beach chairs and beach balls, plastic flamingos, and other vacation-like sorts, transported us to a world of travel.

For a good two hours, we were getting lost on family road trips (always the dad’s fault), taking the train across the country, traveling uphill in the west by tandem bike with our loved ones, sitting on the curb in dismay after missing the school bus for a field trip, and even entering The Stoop ‘Twilight Zone’ only to end up in a pickle and becoming the latest living display in a small town museum.

Filled with live sound effects, mini sketches by The Stoop Radio Players, and personal travel stories from special guests and some audience members, the night was full of laughter and gasps.

So, want to go all out for vacation this summer? Why not try a stay-cation with The Stoop Storytelling Series? Definitely worth the splurge.

I leave you with a few photos from the night’s shenanigans, but first, watch the Go-Go’s perform “Vacation.” You know you want to.

Photo Credit: Olivia Obineme

Photo Credit: Olivia Obineme

Photo Credit: Olivia Obineme

When is the next Stoop Storytelling Series? Click here for more information.



former @wbaltv11 AP/Producer | freelance multimedia journo | 2011 Poynter Institute Fellow | about.me/oliviaobineme
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2 Responses to Event Review: The Stoop Storytelling Series

  1. Brandi says:

    Enjoyed the read and AMEN to defining splurging as anything over $5 – #brokegirlproblems

  2. Thanks, Brandi! And yes, we have to keep it real. The best things in life are FREE, obviously 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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