About Katie Killon

I love mixed media art, music, audio/visual projects  and film. I love having my mind blown by the things that other people create,(but it totally makes me feel bitter at my lack of talent. just..kidding..)

AM I AN ARTIST? No my friends, I. am. not. I’ve always been a big fan of art. I remember being in art class in middle school and thinking “WTH!?!  where/when did these kids learn how to draw/ paint???”

We were probably separated  by a combination of their natural ability and willingness to learn/ my lack of concentration and the fact that I treated art class like a social hour.

B-MORE CULTURED (big thanks to Melany Troy for the name) will explore anything related to art culture in Baltimore.

for questions, coverage, or other comments email: katie.killon@gmail.com

FUN FACT: I have a twin sister named Allison.  Do not be fooled.








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